Saturday, April 28, 2012

Veedol Beach

We decided to re-visit some of our favorite beaches. You can click here to see photos of the picnic area, swim beach and Veedol beach soon after 3-11. Continuing North on 338 we came to Veedol Beach. When we were by here the last time the turn off from the start was roped off. Today we could drive right now to the parking lot and were happy to see there is a new Miss Veedol on the beach. 


We walked on down to the beach and had our lunch...then stayed to play a couple of hours. 

I was walking down the beach in search of glass and turned to see all sorts of strange things going on. Zander was shirtless, they were wrestling.....I discovered they were playing Sumo Wrestlers on the beach. LOL

We thought this might be a small float - but it was a light bulb. 

I bought this cheery sweatshirt on the Oregon Coast when we were there for Bre and Krista's graduation. It makes me happy to wear it at the Japanese coast. It also makes me feel very happy to have a young one still at home when I am-not-so-young any longer. LOL

We saw a glass shape bobbing up and down in the waves. We headed to retrieve it - hoping for a glass float. Stacia ran on ahead....she was so excited to get it....and as she ran back I saw what it was....

A really BIG light bulb from a ship - now in my living room.

Stacia made "Japanese Sand Writing"

So many treasures

Jared wrote, I "heart" you....Zander changed the heart so that it looks like, "I moon you!" These are the sorts of things which make us laugh. What can I say?  We left the beach WORN out.... so worn out that Arielle thought someone was being hung at the rest area. 

Michael wasn't ready for us to come home so we drove to the nearest Lawson for a treat and slowly made our way home. 

I picked up all the garbage from the fields around our house. All the garbage from the neighborhood blows down to our end of the street.  The kids played with friends. I helped Michael put together a power point for tomorrow.  Then we headed for dinner. Full day! 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Linda said...

I know what you mean. Having Carys made Landon's graduation much less poignant than it could have been! :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I know what you mean.