Thursday, May 24, 2012

Komakko Land - End of the Day

Stacia has asked to go to  Komakko Land (the horse park) every day the girls were home. It was either a time which would work or raining on the days we set aside to do it.

This morning dawned bright and sunny! Go figure. We put the girls on the plane, Michael went to work and I took the other children and went to Komakko Land.

I love this sign - it always cracks me up.

We found 10 buses of pre-schoolers at Komakko Land. This made for some interesting adventures in the bathrooms. Enough said.

We've had lunch here before, the menus are all in Japanese. We thought we had it figured out. I got the younger boys fries and fried chicken. I ordered curry pan for me - curry stuffed inside of bread (didn't realize they'd deep fry it) - it was good. Stacia got a big bowl of ramen. I thought I was ordering curry for Jared and Arielle. I was...but instead of rice it had big, fat, grey noodles. I think they were were soba or udon or something....they were surprised. I think Arielle would have been fine if Jared hadn't said, "Yum, curried pig intestines." Having spent time in countries where we DID eat such things I had had the same thought when I saw their meal and was glad I hadn't ordered it for myself.

The buses of pre-schoolers left shortly after lunch and we had the place nearly to ourselves - being unsocialized homeschoolers this is the way we like it best. ::snort:: 

Just before the horse got a bit too interested in Jared's tummy.

 On the way home we stopped at the beach. I must go to the beach on airplane days.  This is from the ocean side - looking toward the swim beach. We had hoped we could start swimming there - they officially open in July each year (except last) but they are still working on rebuilding.  Zander gave Arielle a Boogie Board and is looking forward to borrowing it from her. LOL 

 I needed more beach time but all but Stacia and Zander wanted to go home. I dropped them at home, Stacia saw a neighborhood friend and wanted to stay home. ZANDER came with me to the beach.  He's a crazy beach lover. 

Akikosan called when we were at the beach. She needed to take care of her grandfather (an amazing 102 years old!) so her father could take her mother to the hospital. We cancelled Akikosan lessons tonight...but enjoyed the family being together and cocooning. We watched a movie - which I slept through and can't remember. 

PS - spell check tells me "unsocialized" is not a word. Oh well. I've sure heard it a lot! LOL 

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Anonymous said...

Neat...Alexander and me love the beach.....on problem is the older I get the less I really like super cold water. :( or :):):):) l/p mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I think this water would qualify as "super cold," Mom. I avoid it until the heat of summer gets here.