Monday, May 21, 2012

Thursday - Citizen's Forestry Park

We went to Citizen's Forestry Park on Thursday. The girls THOUGHT they'd been on all the types of slides we have in Japan...but they hadn' a long shot. LOL Check below for videos of the slide. 

The Cherry Blossoms were still blooming.....I took advantage of them to take these lovely blooms coming out your head shots...

This is a brand new play structures at Citizen's Forestry's very nice.

Lake Ogawara ( in the background) is pretty, the beach is nice and quiet, the park is new, they have cabins that are not full of spiders and they have tent sites right on the lake. We will be back....

We ended the day by meeting Michael on base for dinner. Tina and Randy happened on a great sale on laptops and we went and grabbed one for Jared's graduation....our standard grad gift....for $189.....a much better price than our standard price. ::snort::  Guess, we'll buy something else to go along with it too.  Stacia had been saving for a new doll and so she, Michael, Zander, Arielle and Bre went to pick it out while Krista, Nolan and I executed a commissary run! LOL

Another very full day with the girls here. My heart is happy when the older kids come home.  I was relieved to have another day at Citizen's without any broken bones. It's really quite amazing. 


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Anonymous said...

too much fun!! love/prayers we two.

Renee said...

wow, that's an incredible price for a laptop..... the extra $$ could be spent if it needs programs like Word, etc??

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Lots of fun, Mom.

Yes, Renee, just what we thought too. LOL