Sunday, June 03, 2012

Misawa Baccalaureate 2012

I'm so glad Jared decided to participate in the chapel's Baccalaureate service for high school seniors. It was a great service, short, sweet, meaningful.  Though, he didn't feel he knew many in the class, two of his good friends were in the class (Ashley and Cody). 

The graduate selects processed Jared slows to allow me to take a photo (I've trained him well) we discover I forgot the memory card at home...and he has to keep walking.

The Cross Training (PYOC) band played.

Georgia and Scott read Scriptures. I'm sure going to miss Scott and Ruth. 

We sang some songs!

Michael gave an 8 min address! It was wonderful....real....yes, dream and reach for the stars, but it's how you handle failure that will decide if you are an Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson or George Morhouse. 

The graduates then came up one at a time and gave their name and where they see themselves in a year. Then they grabbed a flower from the altar and gave it to their mother. 

Cody is going into the Air Force. 

Ashley is going to Uof OK 

Jared is planning to go to ASU and study Political Science and then....he couldn't help himself and even though he thought he'd feel uncomfortable with seniors he didn't know he said....OR live in your basement. (Michael was holding the mic and passing it to Seniors). That's my son! 

Then the service was over and we took family photos.....and YES I KNOW I have weight to lose and I'm aware I look like a "middle aged hippie" but it makes me happy! LOL

Chapel Graduates - Kim in the middle is PYOC leader. 

Graduates (in front) with PYOC members who attended. 

Jackie, Ruth and Annette did a great job with the reception. It was a fun night for all. 

Choosing Joy!
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