Monday, June 25, 2012

Safely Here

Our commitment is to be authentic.  Which means I've not been writing as it was simply to raw to write about.....but we're swimming in grace. 

We did reunite at the airport in Tokyo.  The kids were tired and our plane didn't leave until midnight.

We landed in San Franciso hours before we left....we were struck with the NOISE, the rudeness, the fact that the luggage carts aren't allowed on escalators in America and, of course, the driving on the right hand side continues to give us a few adrenaline jolts. LOL  We also noted several who seem to want to be noted as making a statement...though we weren't always 100% sure WHAT the statement WAS. LOL 

Michael had arranged for us to rent a SNAZZY mini-van and drive up to his folks' home. Though my seat was just a "bit" over-spoken for. LOL

Three suitcases are Jared's and will go with him to TX. 

We stopped at Golden Gate National Cemetery. Michael's Grandfather and Granny Annie are buried here. Michael was out to do the funeral when Granny Annie died, but I hadn't been.  It was sobering to see row upon row of markers. 

We headed out of town and up the coast line to Crescent City, California. 

We stopped at one of Dad G's favorite stopping spots outside of town.....and couldn't resist a photo from the "other side" of the ocean.

It has been wonderful to see Mom G.  The house feels empty with Dad G not here. I keep expecting him to come down the stairs, or call us over to hear our stories from the time which has elapsed since we were here last. Dad G loved to tell stories, and loved to listen to them too! He was the life of any party or get together.  Visiting at the house, with him not here, is surreal....painful....lots of happy memories....and no regrets....he knew we loved him, we know he loved us, we know he's with Jesus, he ran the race from the moment he met Jesus well....we're simply sorry for us....we're human and it hurts...but HE is better off. We know this. 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Unknown said...

Wow. That last it made me cry. That is exactly how I felt when my Grandma who raised me passed away. Just sad for me... she's much better off, as is he.
Love you!!!