Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Normal Days

The moment you invite someone into your time of solitude and silence - it is no longer a discipline of silence and solitude. I know, I know - it seems I had to try it to realize it. ::snort::  Stacia wanted to go on my walk with me this a.m. - but my walks are prayer walks - more than exercise related.  I agreed.....but forgot that she would BE there....wanting to TALK....and so I introduced her to the concept of prayer walks...and I lost the solitude....but I took joy in joining her in prayer. Maybe this is a good way to start to teach her a bit of introspection. 

The boys, Stacia and I headed to the produce market at Shimoda Mall. Yummm.....they enjoyed a Krusher at KFC (Do they have those in the states? The kids were asking what they were and I'm not eating such these days. I'll google)...anyway....they enjoyed a Krusher at the window and watched as I bought lots of FRESH (as opposed to commissary wilted in two days tops) produce.  I found these babes for Michael.

 I was really hungry at lunch and craving some of those beans and rice I'd stored up earlier....with no real clue of what I was doing....I sauteed some veggies, garlic, grated ginger and carrot with my fun new 100 Yen tool....

Added some fresh pineapple,  frozen corn, peas and a bit of yakitori sauce....it was lunch for Stacia and I. 

I couldn't eat it all and so wrapped some in  a tortilla for dinner with a salad....and have some left. Michael didn't like it - I got the wrinkled nose. Oh well - I told him there are 8000 beans and rice recipes I'm sure to find one he'll like eventually. 

Arielle and I ran to the base to buy a sprinkler and the items we couldn't get at the produce market. We discovered the commissary is the coolest place in Misawa. I feel terrible for those on base with no AC - 97 * today....but there is hope. 

Via Susan B's Facebook Status
We have AC in the living room and our bedroom. We try not to run it unless it is essential. We dry our clothes on the line which helps keep the dryer heat down....and we're still HOT....but we can sit in front of an AC and fan when needed. 

The kids cleaned the fish tank. I cleaned (deeply) the downstairs.....such is the life of normalcy...a day so normal you almost hate to write about it - but I did and I loved living it.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

someimes normal feels good.....right sis! I'm waiting for normal to hit our house eventually. Dad is only rather sore today. At least he has been around to visit some. He'll be off and runing tomorrow. Physical theraphy today was them using the ice machine on him cuz of brusing and swelling from his fall yesterday. anyway, you take it easy and I pray your goal of your new eating deal does all you want it to. PTL YOU GOT TO spend time with Stacia and talk about prayer. Just wait until she gets into praying.......then the chatter box will kick in and people really will have their prayers prayed.........etc.

Laura said...

Normal sounds wonderful! :)