Thursday, July 26, 2012

Still Traveling

3:20 a.m. - We were asked to leave the Haneda domestic airport at about 12:30 a.m.  Kicked right to the curb. ::snort:: The guards told us to wait at stop 16 and a free shuttle would take us back to Haneda International. We should have stayed her to start with - but I thought we'd find more comfortable waiting areas at the domestic. We did - but the guards close the airport down at midnight. LOL 

We have discovered some of us can sleep the concrete at the bus stop. 

We are back in the waiting area of the International airport - rows and rows of little black chairs. Michael, Nolan and Arielle have slept for the past two hours. Stacia and Zander are playing Angry Birds on my ipad. I've been reading Intercessory Prayer (as all my other reading is on my ipad). I suspect my sleep problem is the constant looped message "Please watch your step" - first in Japanese; then English. LOL 

Look carefully and you'll find two or three Gherkins in this shot

There are  30 min shower rooms here - but I don't want to spend $12 for a shower. I may open my luggage, find a change of clothes and shampoo and go use the sink in the bathroom. I've not seen anyone else do this - so it may not be culturally acceptable....I know loitering in the airport lobby isn't. ::snort:: 

I wish I could sleep - or I wish the younger two could sleep.  I've about reached my limit of chatter.....but then again I understand their need to process as they speak. ::snort:: I have a feeling the other three will be on a normal scheduled in the a.m. when we fly and the three of us are going to want to sleep at 0900 when we get home.

Traveling Tip:  I observed a group of HARD CORE travelers...a pink power strip.....I need to get one like this - only 3 outlets but hugely helpful when traveling and plug ins are at a premium. 

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Wilma said...

I have had two grandsons here this week. One has Tourette syndrome and the other is just gregarious. I think we are taking them home tomorrow.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...
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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Wilma, I bet you've totally enjoyed having your grandsons and that you will also totally enjoy having a more sedate breather. LOL