Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surprising Saturday

The day got an unexpected start as I blogged continued to be full of surprises.

We had thought we'd spend the day today and tomorrow with Mom G. We tried throughout the afternoon and evening to reach her yesterday and couldn't.  She was out visiting thrift shops and neither she nor us have a cell phone so we were passing messages back and forth through others. We weren't too worried. She's a late riser; our plan was to call her early and arrange the rest of the day.  We called several times before we finally heard from Mike's sister around noon  she'd gone home  to California. We were able to talk to her tonight and she made great time driving home. She's happy to be back home.

So....realizing our day was STRANGE....Mom G was gone and Mom and Dad T are contagious....we went shopping. The kids have a hard time finding a few clothing items in Japan due to their size (off base) and selection (on base).  We had fun buying them the things they needed.

Krista came over this evening and watched the kids while Michael and I went out to Olive Garden with Will and Sherri (my brother and sister in law).  We rarely snatch time for a visit just the four of us - so this was a treat. The night was perfect for a walk along the river after dinner.

One fun we watched a couple of fishermen, Will noticed an osprey (no photo). He commented his money was on the osprey to catch a trout before the fisherman. It was amazing to watch the osprey swoop down and snatch a trout from between the two fishermen. LOL

Blue Heron 

Two of my favorite guys

Choosing Joy!
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BudiBali said...

Lovely river to catch fish

Herding Grasshoppers said...


I believe you that you saw an osprey, but your pic is of a lovely great blue heron ;D

I rarely comment, but am praying for you all and Michael's heart. Watching for updates,

Julie G

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for the prayers, Julie. Sorry for the unclear writing...yes - the photo is of a blue heron - the osprey was too fast. By the time I was ready with the camera he was enjoying dinner. LOL