Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Baby is Seven!

Everyone was helpful with their emails and comments on Facebook. We sorted through our impending Birthday disappointment. Stacia has been planning for her birthday party for 8 months and then all but one of her friends moved.  She agreed we'd have a family birthday party and have a new friend party later. She wasn't the least bit worried about gifts - we had planned to ask for food donations for a family we know in place of gifts - she would like to have a friend party later and maybe then we can still collect for the family. Crisis averted.

LATE last night - when Stacia finally went to sleep; she was VERY excited her birthday was approaching..... the kids and I sprang to action.

Arielle made signs 

Nolan and Zander hung streamers

Stacia's birthday finally arrived! It rained a lot....I told her where she was born (San Angelo, TX) rain is precious and rare....this was precious rain to celebrate her birthday. 

Usually our birthday person picks the meal or dinner spot...but this day Michael had a Financial Working Group meeting he needed to met him for lunch...she didn't get to pick her favorite spot (Papa Genos is what she requested) but she did get to pick where on base we would eat lunch.   

After lunch we came home and relaxed.  We also had a nice long Skype with BreAnne. I worked on upcoming PWOC projects. 

Finally, shortly after 8:00 p.m. we wearied of waiting for Michael.  I called and we agreed we'd go ahead and let her have her cake and wait for him for presents. She was happy. 

Nolan and Arielle made the cake so I wouldn't have to deal with my favorites (Chocolate/ice cream/peanut butter cups) while on this vegan plus adventure. ::snort:: 

Stacia sweetly asked to pray before she had her cake....and was so very thankful for her birthday and to be part of this family. Melted my heart.

Nolan seriously offended Yuuki. He moved her chair and sat in it. She stood up, looked at him, walked over to where her chair should be, looked around and then laid down like this and pouted through all the festivities. ::snort:: 

Zander tells me this is like Monopoly 

Stacia seemed to love all the cards as much as the gifts

Michael passed his Father's Day gift from Jared on to Stacia

Finally gave up on the BX saying "They'll be in soon" and bought a Japanese brand.

Jared Skyped in as we finished it's good we stayed up late to open them.....He got the boys together and Stacia thought it was great fun for her big brothers to sing Happy Birthday to her!

Choosing Joy!
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Lois said...

I would say that was a successful party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STACIA!!!

Anonymous said...

STACIA: G'Pa/G'Ma are so glad to see you had a nice birthday. Love the piggy hat! Is that a new one everyone has to wear OR is that a "PRINCESS PIGGY" hat? It is so Cute and makes you even cuter.

Wow those decorations are great -- you look so special! We sure wish it was possible to have had some of that great looking cake with you...........but like your mom it is better we don't eat so much of such goodies. :) I'll have to try to make G'Pa & I an ice-cream cake just for practice. :):):):)

Bet is was soooooo much fun talking to Bre on Skype and then to have your Texas brothers to skype and sing Happy Birthday........... guess you are quite the "PRINCESS"!

your 2G's love you tons and miss you being around to hug. G"Pa says he misses you being around to tease.

love/payers G'Pa & G'Ma T. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox etc.