Friday, December 28, 2012


The ultimate FAST FOOD. Baked Satsuma-imo (Japanese Sweet Potato). You pick them up at Universe or Lawsons....and you can EAT THEM WITH YOUR FINGERS, peeling the skin back as you go. 

Men with carts used to go through neighborhoods selling hot, fresh baked sweet potatoes. More recently, "yaki-imo trucks" drive through neighborhoods playing a bit of music, drawing kids  (and a few adults) to purchase a fresh baked sweet potato. I love it.  Much healthier option than the  ice cream truck. ::snort::  There are still some carts around....

Yakiimo cart
Via Google Images

Yakiimo Truck
Via Google Images

Ishi Yakiimo - stone baked potatoes...sold from the back of his truck. 

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Tammy Swailes said...

I SO miss the yaki-imo carts we had when I lived in Kobe! They seemed to come at 11 PM in the winter - but no matter... either Kim or I would run down to the street to get one!
(I can still even sing the song that the one ours played!)
Even with all the potatoes we eat in Ukraine, there are NO sweet potatoes or yams or yaki-imo.
Thanks for a sweet memory!

Anonymous said...

SIS: Sweet potato I could get use to real fast...... love them. Dad/I eat a lot of baked/boiled ones these days. love/prayers - mom t.