Thursday, December 27, 2012

Third Day of Christmas

I had time this a.m. to pray, read, journal, read some more....Zander came down and asked if he could read to me. WOW.

We spent 3 hours and 15 minutes reading the Hobbit today!  Why the sudden interest to go from reading  Frog and Toad to the Hobbit? He heard at dinner last night  the Hobbit was going to be on base on Saturday. Michael's long-standing principle is the kids must read a book before seeing the movie version. Zander has missed out on the Lord of the Rings...and is determined to make The Hobbit.  This is a huge CHALLENGE for him - but just the sort of practice he needs to build his confidence.

He's tackling it....and he got 29 pages read today. I was feeling it was hopeless and I really like to set the kids up to succeed  I feel bad  I didn't think to mention this to him when the movie first came out.  Michael pointed out the movie only goes through about chapter 6  - he needs to read 90 pages. The race is on.  At about the 2 hour mark, I realized I won't be able to go see the movie as Stacia won't be able to go. ::sigh::

We discovered Michael's Kindle DX is much easier for Zander to read on than my iPad. We were zipping through the Hobbit when an Amazon service rep reset Michael's kindle and all our books went away. The WiFi card wasn't working - so yep - now it is blank.  We have the Hobbit on the iPads....but if you touch the screen as you read along....the pages TURN. I recently got the kids' phonics program as an ap - just the ap and a few books to I'm wondering. LOL

Two years ago we bought my iPad ORIGINAL. Michael and Arielle noted how much I enjoyed reading electronic books.  Shortly after my iPad arrived....Michael's DX (bigger one) and Arielle's Kindle 3 joined our family of readers.  Would you believe BOTH of them have quit working? Two different problems. Another call today proves you can't compare Amazon to Apple in customer service. 

The kids played outside much of the afternoon. We stayed warm inside. LOL 

Tonight we discussed Jesus being the Rose of Sharon -  we aren't sold this is a name of Jesus. We need to do some more study. We only found it in Song of Songs 2:1....and there the title is not attributed to Jesus. 

Clue for the night....

Michael found a place to buy the PARTS and fix the Kindle DX himself... Instead of $104 plus shipping it will cost $30. We will probably have to replace the other one as the screen needs replaced and it costs the same as buying a new one. 

Other than dinner....that's our day! We discovered Zander loves stir fry if he can use about 1/4 bottle of ketchup on it. It's a workable compromise. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Renee said...

My brother ate ketchup on everything growing up including Thanksgiving turkey.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

YES - here too, Renee.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Zander! It's funny what motivates us; ) Glad you guys found a big motivator for him; ) He will like the Hobbit. There was some orc stuff that was added which I'm sure he and Dad will catch and discuss (along with the others; ) Maybe you could find a sitter for Stacia? Like maybe she could go spend time at a friend's house so you could go?

Zander and Ketchup! Too funny! ;)
Bre G

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Hmmm.... a sitter was an option we didn't even consider. ::snort::

Michael suggested I take her to an onsen and she is looking forward to the that is what we'll do this time. I can wait for the DVD.

Anonymous said...

Alexander: What an awesome guy you are! Ketchup on almost must be related to G'Pa T. :):):):) AND congrats on the reading of Hobitt! Did you like the movie? love/prayers - 2G's T.