Sunday, January 06, 2013

Holding on to Vacation

I want to hold on tonight as long as possible. Tomorrow begins the "routine", MOPS, PWOC...and more I'm sure. 

Guess who fell asleep and couldn't be revived? Guess who missed the evening service? ::blush::

Sunday night means ice cream in our home - has for as long as I can remember being married to Michael. ::snort:: Which means YONANA for me (and Arielle and even Nolan) was a TREAT. 

One last game of Flash Point before we officially declare Christmas over (though it ended last night).  Note that IS how Michael plays games. ::wink:: 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Linda said...

Does the yonana really taste like ice cream and not like bananas (though I love bananas)? I've been intrigued with it for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Sleep! You sound like me in that they can't wake you. Isn't our body something else again as to when it needs rest? As to ice-cream of any kind and any time.... you know me. :):):) love/prayers - mom t.

Anonymous said...
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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Linda - I think that greener bananas make a starchier texture....and riper I hear will make I've not had really ripe bananas yet.

I do taste the banana but last night was better than the previous tries...and the bananas were riper. Also you can make it with nothing but FRUIT and then I don't feel bad at all if the kids have it more than once a week....great way to get their daily servings of fruit in....

It is a GREAT alternative for those of us who miss the taste and tradition of a sweet treat on Sunday night but want to avoid the fat and cholesterol of ice cream. I had one that had about 150 calories in it....banana and some peanut butter. LOL