Saturday, September 28, 2013

Photo Albums, Pool, Puzzles and Delightful Conversation

It was rainy today. That didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves. The kids enjoyed time at the river.

Michael and I spent the a.m. talking with Mom G. It was great fun to go through several photo albums and hear stories I'd not heard before.

At lunch Mom G introduced us to "Hiouchi Ham Apple Salad" Sandwiches. She ate these often when she was a child  in Hiouchi. Deviled Ham, Chopped Apple, Mayo....on white bread.

We did a bit more yard work and then spent an hour at the river. Nolan shared his earliest memory was staying on this side of the river (with Grandma?) and digging a channel in the stream while the big kids rowed across and jumped off Big Rock.

Stacia loves to pick reeds.  Mike showed her how to make them whistle.  Different size reeds make higher and lower pitches.  They can actually make a really LOUD whistle if you do it right.

We had more fun with Yuuki and Arrow....I'll have to blog it tomorrow as I'm too tired to do stories justice tonight.

As the rain continued, we decided to move to the trailer park and enjoy the community house. We were the only ones using it. Steaks and trout from Mom G's freezer!

Stacia, Mom G, Arielle
 We enjoyed, pool, puzzles and talking after dinner. I learned how important it is to tell your story rather than let others tell it for you. Delightful conversation.

We'll break camp early in the a.m. and head back for Beale. We'll see Grandma G at Thanksgiving at OUR HOUSE.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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