Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week of Grandmas Part 1

My parents called to tell us they had a funeral to attend in Stockton on Thursday.  We decided they would arrive at our home Tuesday afternoon, spend Wednesday with us and then go on to the funeral on Thursday.  Michael has taken two days of leave and we are heading to Crescent City to see Mom G on Thursday. When Stacia heard the plans she said, "YES. This is going to be the week of the grandmas."

We spent Monday and Tuesday making great strides in school. The younger ones managed to do a whole week in two days. The older two did well - but will have to push next week too to get two full weeks completed.

Tuesday  afternoon we visited, had dinner and played games. Gma was a champ and played a zillion games. Tuesday night was Animal Instincts. This is a fun game (along the lines of Apples to Apples) which all the kids can play.

G'pa recuperated from the 8 hour drive by checking texts

Wednesday started with these three going on a walk. At some point we got a call from G'pa asking how to get home. I'm not quite sure what happened but it seems that Zander told them he KNEW how to get home and he took off for home. OK - we'll work on that gallantry thing a bit more...but he was right. He got  home. Arielle and Nolan went for G'pa and Stacia. We were sure we knew where they were, but it was easier to go get them than to try to give directions. We've not really gotten over the Japanese habit of not paying attention to street names.

Arielle has decided to take an extra lit credit this year. She's taking Movies as Literature.  Today all the remaining movies she needs for the year arrived. Many of them are movies G'ma remembers from her childhood.  I look forward to watching the movies with Arielle. We'll let her do the literature write ups on them. ::snort::

G'ma even played Polly Pocket with Stacia. She wasn't sure what they were, and I laughed when Stacia described them as,"Small Barbies that mom likes."

Mid-afternoon we gals had an impromptu tea party. G'pa was napping. The boys opted to take 1/2 the crumb cake off to their lair rather than joining us at the tea table.

 Dinner and more games rounded out the day. Michael got home late at night with the trailer.

It was a short visit. We fit a lot of quality family time into the day. We're looking forward to the next visit at Thanksgiving. 

 Oh, and we sat in the hot tub once too. ::wink:: 

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Anonymous said...

We really did enjoy ourselves. What a lovely home God has given you for this assignment. Really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas even. It has been SO many years since we have been able to spend either of these holidays with your folks. FUN ahead. love/prayers - dad/mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It was a blast to have you here. Counting down to Thanksgiving.