Monday, September 09, 2013

We're Off! 2013/2014

Another school year out the starting gate in a blaze of activity! We started with a rolling start last week, but today we hit it hard. I think it's going to be a good year. We're covering Year 2 in Tapestry of Grace.  We're all doing Japanese: the high school  students with a tutor; the younger ones and I with our flashcards and maybe this site. Everyone is doing math and science at their level. The younger two will be doing Zoology 1: Flying Animals this year. Neither of them remember it well from our run through it when they were younger. Works for me. The older two are doing a variety of add-ons (electives). Speech, Logic, Health, Cosmetology, Movies as Lit...because obviously eight English Credits would not be enough. ::snort:: 

We've had such a nice long break that I knew we'd have a fair bit of review to do this month.  I noted our snap memorizer wasn't doing so well at reading random things around town. Some informal quizzing confirmed the program we were using allowed her to memorize words and then read it "perfectly twice" and move on. I unpacked Sing Spell Read and Write and suggested we do it as a review...and wow is that helping. I can see her already picking up decoding skills after just two weeks.  Zander hated Sing Spell Read and Write and has done well with I See Sam....each child is different. *I* had hoped I would never have the SSRW songs drilling into my consciousness at 0330 again...but it's not about me. ::snort:: I'm telling myself this is precious - she's the very last to use the program and we had a workbook and prizes waiting since we shifted gears for  Zander.

The younger two were thrilled to see me grabbing books about  knights and castles. However, I think our history channel clip about Clovis the Barbarian and the Visigoths may have been a bit too much for Stacia. She has gone on and on about them slamming his arms in a box...seems to have missed they followed that up with killing the man.  She came down after lunch and suggested we use this book instead. ::snort:: 
I do love this little gal. She shared with me  this is letters from a REAL KING and  they would be wonderful to read together. I agreed to read them with her each day, AFTER couch school with Zander is done. 

I am still on the hunt for an Apologetic course for Arielle.  Honestly, Tapestry is full of Apologetics, but if she wants putting this here our resident theologian will eventually read it if I forget to ask him for some suggestions. ::snort:: 

These two were more than happy to help me implement "Operation Shine" (sounds better than "Operation Conquer the Neighborhood"?).

This silly monkey said, "Um, MOM, the cookie sheet is full and I already scooped this up. What should I do? Should I eat it?"  NO. ::snort::

All in all a good day of school. Everyone was done with everything by 4:00. It's 5:00 p.m. now - dinner for the family is in the oven. I have 30 minutes to put on some make up, and get to the chapel for LiFT (Ladies in Fellowship Together - PWOC monthly event).  ACK just realized I forgot to make something to take - maybe we'll shine a bit less in the hood. 

Choosing Joy!
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Wild Homeschool Family said...

sounds like you're off to a good start. I was startled to find that reading about SSRW very nearly put the songs back in my head, I managed to push them away. I hope they don't come back to me at 3:00 am :-).

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

ba, be, bi, bo, bu...bu, bo, bi, be ba... ::snort::

Jodi - I wake up with a,a,a, a apple, e, e, e, e egg going through my mind.....but it won't last forever. LOL I was happy Zander couldn't stand the singing and the method.... LOL