Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Family Circle

Back story: Monday we got a LOT of school done. We got so much done I thought we may get two weeks done this week.

Tuesday I left the home at 0830 to be at the clinic by 0915 for an 0930 appointment. I was not seen until 1014.  I loved the doc and the tech....but next I had to "run in for a referral" - which took another 30 min. I "ran into" the commissary - and it was the last day they were open. CRAZY lines.  I had hoped to be home by 1030 - it was 1355 by the time I got home.
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Wednesday is our one morning of the week when we are out of our home. The doc had insisted I come in THIS a.m. for fasting labs - and I couldn't fast longer than 12 hours for the test. We pushed and got out of here in time to be at the lab EARLY, before PWOC...only to find they are closed the first Wed morning of the month. Remember, the doc and the lab both told me to come in today.  I thought I handled it well - though I did let the guard know I was TOLD to come in and I live off base.

Tonight in Family Circle, during prayer time, Zander prayed, "Thank you I'm starting to make friends at PWOC. Help me to endure  frustrating events....pause....and help me to act more like you....all the time."

OUCH. I prayed after Zander that God would help me to endure the frustrations of closed med groups office....and Zander helpfully added, "And embrace it - act like Jesus."  ::snort:: I thought I handled it well this morning. He told me I didn't really embrace the change.

Choosing Joy!
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Laura said...

Oh gosh... yes... my Jonathan helps me have this kind of insight often. :D