Thursday, November 07, 2013

Shopping Adventure

Nolan and I took advantage of his doctor visit to stop by Sunflower Market. I knew they'd have the produce I wanted and it would be organic. They didn't have some of the other things I wanted - but it was a productive enough trip that I can put off a trip to the commissary until next Wednesday (PWOC day - on base anyway).

We left the sauerkraut juice on the shelf - though I've been contemplating the use one could have for sauerkraut juice.....

 I DID find some Massie's Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds....those who were a part of our Natural Food Co-op in San Angelo will remember we have a love for Massie's Dark Chocolate Almonds.....AND I found Chocolate Covered Bananas...which LOOK just like Chocolate Almonds.....Arielle was the only one who really liked them....

I put them in the dish on the table and we took bets how long it would take Michael to hon in on them. We KNEW he would have one as soon as he did....he wasn't sold on them at all. He told me to find some of those nice, crunchy banana chips and dip those in chocolate. ::snort::
I really need to see if I can find a United or Azure's co-op around here...but I'm not sure they're cheaper than Vitacost or Amazon Subscribe and Save.

Choosing Joy!
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