Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Lights Part One

There are a lot of photos of lights from our evening walk.....I'll post my photos first and then wait for Michael's to load and post them in another post.

It is always fun to come back to San Angelo. It is strange -  San Angelo is starting to feel like home. I'm sure it has something to do with four Gherkins living here. ::snort::

We LOVE the Concho Riverwalk. It was beautiful to walk through this last night. We reminisced about meeting two families, which became friends, at Kids Kingdom.....and marveled there were no homeless people or beggars on the walk. Is that just because they clear the area for Christmas? I keep trying to meet new friends at parks in CA but they always pack up and leave after I start a conversation. ::snort::

Found the back light option

There are never too many drummers

This was the moment when Zander learned to trust and Jamin learned how much Zander has grown. 

Farm work - never complete

Stacia was asking Michael if we could go get hot chocolate when we were done walking. She thought we were about done - we were less than half way. 

We were impressed with the new art work, fountains, lighting and sitting areas along the river....

Michael and I both attempted shots of the kids holding the Nativity.  The kids called it a competition - it was really more about exploring options on the new cameras. 

Fall on your face? Forget that - when Jamin sees an angel he grabs for it

We DID end the evening talking around hot chocolate at Denny's. What a joy to spend some time with Jamin during his celebration week. 

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

looks like you are aslo enjoying your new camera. :):):) we on this end are loving seeing all the pictures.