Sunday, December 08, 2013

Spotty Season

For the FIRST TIME in nearly THIRTY years Michael locked me out of our room last night. I went up and the lights were out, the door was shut and locked. I knew he was tired, fighting a bug and preaching this a.m. so I slept downstairs...but this house is SPOOKY when you are sleeping alone downstairs. ::snort:: I didn't sleep well.....finally called his cell phone this a.m. to rouse him when knocking wasn't raising him. ::snort::

Stacia woke this morning a bit feverish and itchy. She often has little quirky aches and pains.........
but I took notice of this.  They've grown throughout the day. Her tummy, back, shoulders are covered....but they are small...not sure what it is. Many suggest this has something to do with the hot tub. I'd tend to agree - but it's ODD as she's in the hot tub all the time, the chemicals were fine.....she's never gotten this before. Chicken Pox would be odder as we can't figure out where she would have been exposed to it and we were told her shots were current in Misawa. I'll be checking.  She and I stayed home from church. 

We are due to leave for Jamin's college graduation in TX on Tuesday morning. I will try to get in to the doctor tomorrow to make sure we are good to go.  She and I took advantage of the extra time to put out some more decorations.

We moved the Japanese nativity set and put the Alaskan set Krista made us on the ledge above it. It wasn't until we were all done that I realized the Alaskan set moons all visitors to our home.

Upstairs hallway 

Ledge at the top of the stairs

Michael and I captured some time for a trip to Walmart. We needed to buy a DVD/VCR combo as  much of our school and movies are still Video - we'll have to give them up shortly - but not yet. We also did our shopping for our Advent Scavenger Hunts. We will be gone for eight days. I've been gone for five days. We obviously won't get 25 days in....or maybe we will.

We ended the evening watching The Muppet's Christmas Carol - a decades long family tradition for the day after Thanksgiving...we're a bit delayed this year...but we're getting it done. LOL

I'm praying Stacia wakes up tomorrow spot free and we don't have to work a clinic visit into our already chaotic schedule, and there is no question about her and I traveling to Texas. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Laura said...

Love your decorations! And we enjoy Muppet's Christmas Carol here, too. :)