Monday, December 16, 2013

Travel Day 3 - Heading HOME (CA is HOME now????)

In keeping with our travel practice; I'll simply post Facebook updates with a few photos for the day.  We saw the moon set, the sun rise, the sun set and the moon rise again during today's travel. We left 15.5 hours ago but I think it was 14 hours of travel....then checking in, finding dinner, gassing up so we can do it all again tomorrow morning.

0454 and we are on our way.

Watching the moon go down and the sun rise on a vast empty west. TX desert - priceless!

4 hours under our belt. Breakfast and gas at Van Horn, TX while Michael takes a cat nap.
Steel cut oats, oatmeal bar...Wendy's is a breakfast hit.. on the road again.
The great thing about leaving really early is the kids sleep the first four hours of the trip. It works well. Michael is a wise man - though we like to groan when he tells us to meet in the lobby at 0445 just for the fun of it all.  After breakfast we had to get more creative at entertaining ourselves.

Tracy suggested we google riddles and jokes - and I did just that. We spent a couple of hours on riddles....
Waving at Pam Angell in my mind as we zip through El Paso on I 10.
Despicable me 2 - good for 150 miles. Thanks Jamin  and Jared 

Huddled around the laptop

Lunch and gas stop- check. Hotel reservation - check. Location of monster splitter and ear buds - check. Activity control via Very Merry Larry - check. 172 miles to Phoenix can we do it before the movie concludes?

Mr. Motorcycle man you are NOT a carpool. Rush hour.

{I have  been told that motorcyles are allowed in the HOV lane in some states...must be allowed in AZ?}
Arielle travels well 

Studly Sunset

Its a bad sign when the HOV lane is stopped.

Oh my...emphatic flying of birds ...this is very interesting. Beverly Hillbillies attributed that to a CA howdie but we are miles from CA. — feeling meh.
I waved at the Phoenix Airport and said a prayer for my well-traveled friend Victoria as I we crawled past it. ::snort::

Michael has had mercy on us and we will leave later tomorrow:  0500 in the lobby.  We're taking showers and climbing into bed. Traveling makes you TIRED. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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