Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two Post Sunday - Static Display

This will be a "two post Sunday." We were all up, showered and ready to hit the road at 0900. That's quite a feat with eight people sharing one bathroom. ::grin::  I offered our bathroom but some are "freaked" out by the glass and mirrors in our bathroom. 

This was one of my favorite glimpses of the day. When we have the other four with us, we'll need a second pew. LOL 

It was fun to be at chapel - and I'm still contemplating this babe in the manager with pages of names.

BUT before Chapel - on the drive in - Michael pointed out the Static display with the SR 71 and drone. As we drove into the parking lot he said, "You have time to take them for some pictures if you'd like." boring would that be? It's a static display. We've seen hundreds.  But then again - do they want to sit in the chapel for an hour?

 So we asked...."Would you like to get some photos by the display?"

 Um - yes. In fact Izaak and Dakota were INTERESTED in the SR 71 and knew lots of fun facts. Score one for Pepaw!  I forget Air Force bases and such have become common place to us - but aren't to our visitors. Maybe we can get a tour lined up for a future trip.

We headed across the street to check out this baby too. 

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