Friday, January 17, 2014


We're out and about in CA. We drove to Eureka - a fun little coastal town.  We left bright and early so we could spend the day with Michael's sister, Mary K, and her husband, John.

These kids are good at entertaining themselves - outside Uncle John and Aunt Mary's

Back - Zander, Arielle, Nolan, Michael
Front - Uncle John, AuntMary, Stacia

We went down to Elk River Access to watch birds, walk along the bay and catch up. 

Me and Mary (Michael's Little Oldest Sister)

Michael, Myself, Mary and John 

Family Trivia -  Michael and I were married on John and Mary's Second Anniversary! Sound familiar? Izaak and BreAnne will be married on our 30th and 32nd anniversaries. 

Bubbles are especially fun along the bay

Mary Kay loves bird watching

Photos from Michael's Camera

After we had walked as far as we desired...we headed to Fort Humboldt.

Group Shot

We ended the night with dinner, more visiting, and a tour of Mary Kay's jewelry making and knitting. She gave the kids some very WARM hats and scarves. The girls enjoyed all the tips she shared on various crafts.  It would have been fun to fit in a trip to Michael's but time ran out.

We said goodbye...happy and at rest. It was short, but it was delightful. A great family visit.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

tell MIke we love the new camera and how it takes such awesome action shots....... (birds).