Saturday, January 11, 2014

Talking Wedding Turkey and More

Krista and Tressa (Krista's friend from Turkey) left early this a.m. to climb Spencer's Butte. They enjoyed the view and then drove over to Skinner's Butte and slid down the "O".

BreAnne worked long nights this week so she could have Friday and Saturday off. We were all busy with various other things on Friday but Saturday was our day to work on all things wedding. BreAnne was sweet to talk over every aspect of the upcoming wedding with me; though she and Izaak have it well under control. It's one of those things a mother dreams of doing.  I think I was of some help as we discussed budgets and what she wants and how to balance the two.....I LOVED being part of the details.  The girls and I are going home with some sweet projects to finish before the wedding - which is in less than 5 weeks now!

The day began with BreAnne asking Arielle to do her hair. Stacia is fast becoming my mini-me. She hasn't put that camera down since she inherited it on Christmas's my old camera.

This seems symbolic of the kids' lives. LOL Me hovering in the background with a camera! Though there are plenty of times we just set the camera down. LOL

Krista and Tressa decided to explore Eugene's culture. Arielle and Stacia decided they'd rather tour museums than talk wedding all day. ::snort:: Stacia took photos of each exhibit.

BreAnne and I settled in to  "talk wedding turkey." 

We figured out the "flower situation."  BreAnne would rather have less but real and the flower she adores than fake flowers....and we figured out how to have less and still look elegant and classy. 
Museum photo by Stacia
 We talked every aspect of wedding. Discussed how to utilize people who offer to help. Went to a wholesale shop and priced lace, went to Michael's, Target and somewhere else to price things.  We discussed reception lay out.

Meanwhile the girls visited a science museum...

Tressa and Stacia

 They also visited an art museum....this was one of Stacia's favorite pieces of in shed. 

We all met at Cafe Yumm for dinner. I LOVE this place. I told them they NEED to open a store in Northern California. At this point they are in OR and just opened a  cafe in Seattle. I've eaten here twice this week and what I LOVE is they don't hassle me when I want vegan. IN FACT...when I asked to skip the cheese and sour cream they OFFER extra deluxe toppings....most places are content to CHARGE you for ingredients you ask them to remove. LOL 

At this point Krista, Tressa and the girls went back to the apartment and watched a movie. 

BreAnne and I continued our hunt at Valley River Mall. We finally  found something pretty and frilly for 14 Feb 2014 - 9:30 p.m. ::snort:: 

Sunday I plan to juggle between two churches and several events....hope to catch up with all family and we leave in the evening to head back to CA. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

Agree with you about café yum. the yum is exactly what it is. reminds me of food in the PI's that we were served so often in the barrio's. l/p mom t.