Monday, January 06, 2014

The MONDAY after Winter Break

We have today and tomorrow before Stacia and I hop a train to OR. My plan was morning routine, school and Christmas clean-up.

We did it. We are focusing on table school this week....we're hitting it hard after having the month of December off.  Once again I've seen the kids' reading has jumped by leaps and bounds with a month off. I think sometimes a brain just needs to focus on something else until new tricks seep deep.

As the day wore on, it seemed we'd be lucky to get the nativities put away  and maybe I'd get to the tree after school tomorrow, before leaving for Sacramento. Nolan finished school and joined the work party right when our energy was lagging.  We got it all done. It will be nice to have the house in order as I leave.

Michael walked in as we were vacuuming and moving boxes. I commented I hadn't taken a single photo all day, therefore, I couldn't blog. He snapped one. ::wink::

Nolan won! 
We threw together a quick dinner of left overs and mushrooms....talked about the significance of Jesus declaring Himself to be "The Door" (John 10).... Michael and the kids are enjoying a round of Monopoly Empire and I am blogging...and LOOK - I found two more photos to take. ::snort::

I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or cry when the UPS man dropped by with a new package from Vistaprint....YIKES I'm committed to getting "New Year" cards out! I doubt I get them done before train time.....but maybe I can work on the letter during the 13 hour ride to OR. I also need to make some sort of computerized data base so I can print labels. That ought to fill my  midnight hours on the train.

And now Stacia is starting a sewing project....and I've still not finished the elastic on the skirts I was trying to make. I think I'll take it to OR with me and have Krista give me a hand's on demo. I've bent several pins and shed many drops of blood in my attempts. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis: good goin! will start taking our stuff down after the bridal shower..... maybe. :):):) l/p - mom t.,