Friday, February 28, 2014

CA State Capital Field Trip

Today we went on a field trip to the CA State Capital. Studying CA history is required of fourth graders in the state of CA. We don't have any fourth graders...and frankly, none of our elementary students will graduate while we live in CA....but we love to explore the history of the area where we are assigned so off we went. 

We arrived early - but discovered our van wouldn't fit in the parking garages near the Capital building. In this garage we were told to find a spot on level 1 or 2; maybe we would fit on level 3, but never level 4. The problem being, once you are IN the garage there really is no way out except to plow ahead. I was SO HAPPY Michael was with us on this trip for many reasons. When the top of the van scraped a sign on the way to the 4th level I knew I would not have survived this situation. Michael had three kids and I head over to meet with the group while he and Nolan maneuvered on up to level 4 and discovered that any car may be a compact car in the right circumstances. 
The tour was good. I LOVE the architecture of these old buildings. We learned many interesting facts....assemblymen and state senates early $150K a year PLUS $150 a day per diem.....Jr. may want to consider moving from TX to CA.  ::snort:: 

The Girls were willing to pose

Zander with new friends from PWOC home school room 

A couple of families couldn't make it at the last minute, but we still had a good group. 

Although these animals look like rabid badgers we were assured they ARE grizzlies. 

Group outside the Governor's office

In our Assemblyman's office - Arielle said she felt the power - She thinks if she could have had just a few more minutes she could have taken care of many things for the state...including the DMV. 

I was interested in what a state assemblyman may read....

We looked around for a place to eat downtown and didn't find one. Our plan had been a picnic on the capital grounds but it was too wet. We split forces here. Tricia, Kaleb and our crew went to find the Native American and Spanish/Mexican seals.  The kids noted a truck set up on Capital grounds and thought it may be food. We adults decided to preview what we thought was a museum exhibit. It was the Traveling Wall: the "Wall that Heals" - which was really interesting. 

We never found lunch in the Sacramento area. We ended up stopping in Wheatland on our way home. This was a great trip and I'm glad Michael ended up coming with us. We prayed for CA with new understanding tonight. 

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I remember going to a field trip to the Capitol in 1973--when Reagan was Governor. We didn't get to see him, but seeing his (even then-)famous jelly bean jar was memorable for all of us! A friend recently posted some of the trip photos on FB, and yours remind me of many of ours, 40 years later. :)

I LOVE the traveling wall. We saw it in Colorado several years ago. We haven't been to the real wall, but the traveling wall was very moving and emotional.

Mike--obviously he can do anything, lol. It'd be impressive enough to pull in forward, right?!


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

We were remembering the last time I took the kids to a state capital was in MT - Cindy had Josh in a stroller and I had it was time. LOL

Yeah- Michael's pretty amazing.

becky.onelittle said...

I live in fear of that parking garage moment!

becky.onelittle said...

I live in fear of that parking garage moment!