Monday, February 24, 2014

Fellowship and Breakdowns

I woke up at 0500 to have time to make a main dish, salad and spend time in the Word before leaving for Sunday School at 0830.  Today was the start of our monthly Fellowship Sundays - and it was great! We enjoyed the opportunity to share a lunch and more leisurely conversations with those with whom we share Sunday worship.  I took a couple of shots.  (We also deemed it name tag Sunday, which is very helpful for new chaplain families.)

This room got full as folks made it through the line - we'll soon be able to have tables outside too

We had a great service, great lunch, helped clean up, got gas and decided to stop at the trailer to see if Michael's watch was there. It wasn't. The van wouldn't start when it was time to leave. We had to get this hunk of medal to the gate's censor before we could leave the lot.....

 Yes, these are staged photos. I "drove." They pushed. I laughed when Michael shouted, "Faster, faster." I wasn't quite sure HOW to make it go faster...the concern was I would put the brakes on as we neared the gate.

We are VERY thankful to Scotty. He picked Michael up and drove him to the auto hobby shop. They were closed. He then drove us all HOME. We'll stay here today. The security forces are aware that big red is parked outside the trailer storage lot and that we are trying to get it towed. 

What a blessing it is that this happened ON BASE, when Michael was WITH us and FRIENDS were nearby -  and not on the side of the road or downtown when I was alone with kids.  It hasn't been giving us trouble....but it certainly stopped cold.

Choosing Joy!
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Deja said...

Fellowship Sundays! I love it. Great chance to interact with folks more intentionally than while passing in the halls, or sitting in worship.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I love them too. We've just started them at once a month - figure that won't overwhelm anyone but be frequent enough to provide opportunities for friendships to spike?