Friday, February 07, 2014

Girl's Day

This was really simply a day when Michael and  I divided the list and went separate ways - but Stacia has been pining for a girl's day and she declared that's what this was. While we had all this fun, the boys got a new trailer tire, picked up the trailer, got stamps so we can mail our Year in Review letter, LOOKED for tire chains (didn't find them), and bought a few odds and ends at the commissary. 

On Monday, when Stacia and I were desperately shopping for a dress, we discovered a great area of Yuba City which we hadn't explored.  We headed back there to visit the Christian store - shopping for Nolan's birthday. SCORE....and they give a 10% military discount. We loved it.

Stacia had lunch at a Greek Deli on Monday. I skipped lunch but observed a rather sad, upset looking woman.  We headed back to the Greek Deli again, I really wanted to see if I could find the sad lady. We all ate - and I struck up a conversation with the lady. It turns out she is the head of the downtown association and I now know lots of stuff coming up.  I also know what is bothering her the most and will be praying for her. My favorite event is going to be the weekly  "certified" farmer's market starting in May.

Our next stop was Target. We were on the hunt for birthday gifts for Nolan and Zander. We took time for a bit of fun.  Texted Mom and Lorri and they picked up some shoes for the boys at the Walmart in Eugene  - they were out shopping.

I saw these and texted a few friends...."Are these nude shoes?" I have been told taupe hose and nude shoes will go with any of the dress options I pick.

Yes, these are nude.....I got them and some ballet flats. I tried the pair on below too. I liked the way they give you attitude....I took off down the aisle to see if I could walk in the end of the aisle I was crying to Stacia, "Get them off, get them off."  I think going from never wearing heels to 4 inch heels is a bit too much of a jump. Maybe I'll  find some shorter heels. LOL

Not to be outdone, the girls tried some high, red heels!  They decided to stay with the flats BreAnne has chosen for the wedding party. 

We finished our shopping and are thrilled to have all the gifts we need for all the upcoming birthdays. We celebrated with a soft pretzel and a drink.

Yuuki wasn't able to come with us; but we didn't forget her. She hoped this was for her....

 We had to convince her it was hers. Stacia  put her  blanket on the chair and she hopped  up....

Michael says when the boys got home she didn't run to greet them. She stayed right in her chair and wagged her tail. I think she wanted to be sure they knew this is HERS and she is ALLOWED on it.

We ended our day by soaking in the rain.....

The guys got home and joined us. Zander doesn't do the hot tub.....he started pizza AND opened a bottle of sparkling cider for us. Sweet.  It was our celebration for finally having all the wedding shopping done. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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berrypatch said...

Your dog has quite the personality. :-) I love the chair story. Too funny! Glad you were able to get all the wedding and birthday shopping done. :-D