Saturday, February 08, 2014

Nolan's Fifteen!

Nolan is 15 today. 

Nolan Christopher - Noble Christ Follower.....a prophetic name. 
Before beard trim 
Nolan has a gentle and valiant spirit. It has been fun to watch God develop the various aspects of his personality. He is a GREAT with preschool boys. He is great with Zander and Stacia. He's also a wonderful conversationalist and companion for Mom.  He is guarded about his words, but not because he has few words but because he is always thinking about things and always wants to be careful about what he actually says.

Nolan loves Jesus. 

He has lived much of his life smack dab in the middle of a crowd of Gherkins. He is learning to be a leader as he now finds himself alpha gherkin male...and number two in the crowd. It seems everyday he is becoming more the upfront person. 

And, yes, he STILL has marvelous puppy dog eyes and the longest eye lashes in the family. ::grin:: 

After beard trim

Note - while we celebrate Alex's (Zander's) birthday today as well, his DAY is 11 Feb and so we'll write a special post for him on that day. 

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~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

Nolan: We are so proud of you! How tall and stately you have become and handsome. Thank you for being such a big help to youf parents. See you in just a few days. love/prayers - 2G's T. and happy birthday indeed.