Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rehearsal Day/Night

We debated posting a rehearsal post now - don't want to show decorations.  Surprise, surprise...I have enough pictures to post without decorations that we can make this work. I'll post more after the wedding. LOL

Today was another day packed as full as I believe is humanly possible!  These four arrived.....I believe they had been up well over 24 hours by the time they arrived. They drove to Dallas late Wed night and left early Thursday a.m. to arrive here this afternoon.
Guess which one shares the family clowndom with Mom? 
 There are so many unexpected blessings which came with a large family.  When everyone shows up we have an instant party - and an instant work force. On the way from the airport we stopped at the florist, went back to the church, ordered pizza, and began to help BreAnne create her vision for The Wedding.

Gma T stopped over to help

We put Lorri to work too _ she was thrilled I found my memory card

Krista came directly from work....and who KNEW she and Michael would become florists today! Way to GO! New skills.....this one may pay off well in future Gherkett weddings. ::snort::

Izaak was busy making waffles for after rehearsal....and it all came together. The boys and Shelby went to Will and Sherri's for a quick shower and rest. The rest of us moved to rehearsal....

Praying for the couple

 Trevor (red and blue striped shirt) has been friends of BreAnne and Krista since Master's Commission. He is determined to keep his gaze fixed on the Bride and Groom. 

Yes, Cool Beans do follow her. ::snort::

Dakota and Krista

Our Flower Girl

A Bride and Her Father

Rehearsals are so much fun! 

Bailey (Trevor's daughter) likes the music selection....Erin is one of BreAnne's great friends. We are so happy they were able to come down for the wedding. 

Two Pastors
 We went to Bible College with Kirk. He and Michael are tag teaming the wedding. Pastor Kirk has been a spiritual father/mentor to Izaak and is the Senior Pastor where BreAnne is the Children's Pastor. 

The kids are excited to have their first nephew! Jared enjoyed spending time getting to know Dakota....yep...our first Grand Gherkin! Official, tomorrow!

Not pictured is the family prayer circle after all had gone home. We all circled the new family - Izaak, BreAnne and Dakota and prayed for God's blessings to flow in their family. We took advantage of the moment to get Josiah and Shelby in the circle too - TX was so hectic we'd never prayed for them as an ENTIRE FAMILY when they were THERE.

Shelby  has amazing artistic talent. She and BreAnne share a passion for a show called, "Once Upon a Time." She drew this poster for BreAnne. I must remember to check out this show. 

Layla - Drew's Dog - loves to play with Gherkins

The older kids stayed up a bit and visited....

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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