Monday, February 03, 2014

The Search Continues

Only Stacia ventured out with me. Our search for a Mother of the Bride dress continued today.

We went to Lincoln, Marysville and Yuba City. We visited thrift stores, consignment shops, malls and department stores. The bridal stores we visited were closed on Monday. Must be a Yuba City thing.  I also spent an hour online before we left and several more late this evening.

Yes, I am discouraged. BUT I'm encouraged in the fact that if I find something "right" but ugly no one will remember. The only way anyone will remember what I'm wearing is if it is over the top fancy, over the top revealing or Red. ::snort::

By this time I'm ready to wear the first dress Bre and I bought. This dress is gorgeous ON BRE. On me....I feel like a stuffed sausage....and when I sit down it hikes up to alarming heights....and if I bend over...but I won't be bending over....I'll just be waddling down an aisle. ::snort::    Below is the dress I bought with Bre (right), the one I bought when thinking the Bonus Women were wearing "red or pink"  - I was ditching the bow!  I got them out and realized just maybe the first dress - the short one is a shade of pink. Certainly more pink than the red one.....
I texted BreAnne.

Me - "What color would you say the first dress is?"

Bre replied, "Burgundy - a cross between pink and red."

Me - "So, it's a SHADE OF PINK?"

Bre - "Deep pink?"

So now - if I can find spanx and if I don't sit down much....this may work....the more I look - the more I lean this way. But I know it is not a flattering look and if all are in cotton candy pink...well.....I can just call it Berry Pink and be fine...right?  I couldn't find spanx at Target.

We kept shopping. I am now willing to wear matronly, and not overly formal are my only qualifications for the dress...oh and it has to fit. I'm finding too small or too large!  (Yes, I did ask if they could order other sizes - most dresses this time of the year are "discontinued"  - you know last year's leftovers and new ones come out in the spring/prom/wedding season - or so I was told several times. ::grin::).

We got home with enough time for me to change, dip strawberries and head to PWOC LIFT (Ladies in Fellowship Together).  I sat with a couple of women who also appear to be newbies to Beale. It was fun to visit...and I discovered one of them lives on the SAME STREET AS ME.  We played "speed friending" and it was the best interaction with a variety of women  I've had since arriving. Kudos to Cynthia and Christie...or Katie or whoever planned the evening.

I was also offered a mother of the bride dress by Lisa. I went home with her, picked up the dress and came home. I tried it on. It's too big.

I'm still looking - online today I think.....and then I'm just going to have to order online and pray the thing fits....I hate to spend the bucks they are asking online and not even know if it will fit until days before the wedding....I like to have a plan.

But again - the main thing is BREANNE AND IZAAK will be married...and no one is going to care if something isn't quite right, someone stumbles or the mother of the bride looks like a long as she is in some shade of pink. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Renee said...

Pink dress does look short... love the red dress; too bad there is no way to fade it without ruining it.