Sunday, February 09, 2014

We're At The Border

We are settled into a campsite in Yreka, CA.  We've been told for leave purposes the "local area" is the OR/CA border to Fresno.  We are technically still in the local area and will continue the trip when leave begins tomorrow. 

We had a huge dinner at Black Bear Diner. EVERYTHING from the breakfast burrito and pancakes to the chicken dinner was appallingly large. 

The only snag of the trip so far is the new Adventure in Odyssey CD is stuck in our car stereo. This is very disappointing. We are in the middle of Volume 53....the trip goes much smoother and faster with Odyssey playing.  I think I'll find some pliers in the a.m. and try to pull it out before we finish the trip. We've also discovered one item we left behind - praying that's all. 

Game time! Story Cubes

Michael "watches the passes" via live cam and checks weather forecasts - The weather advisory for travel north of Roseburg, OR (the last bit of our trip) has been lifted! 

 It should take 4 hours or less to reach OR - but since we are pulling a trailer we are required to drive 55 mph. In any event we'll be there tomorrow afternoon. 

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Renee said...

In the army local area was defined as a certain number of miles from post but I don't remember the number