Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Remembering Tohoku's Triple Tragedy

It was nearly three years ago that Jared was the oldest home when the Tohoku 9. earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown occurred. Today, he spoke at an event at ASU commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the catastrophe.  

We were talking as a family (and I'm sure that will be happening much more as the 11th approaches) and I wondered if that was the hardest day of Jared's life to date. Michael said he thought the days of recovery and clean up were harder when the reality of what we'd lived through hit with devastating clarity.

In any event I'm proud of Jared for speaking up and calling folks to remember. It's tough to speak about the hard days. Larissa speaks my love language. I got home from a busy day and found PICTURES of the event. Michael commented, "You are going to blog these aren't you?" ::grin::

I wish we could have been there. I'm thrilled Jamin and Larissa were there to share the day with Jared. It's enough to know what's going on and have such fun photos!
Jamin, Jared, Larissa
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