Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Girl Gherkins Rock

It's a girls day on the blog! 

This girl, Arielle, had her first 2 hour, one-on-one driving instruction today! Her driver's permit has been validated. She now will drive 50 hours in the next 6 months and have 4 more hours of one-on-one instruction. Her FEMALE instructor seemed very nice, indeed. 

Our big decision now is: "Should Arielle learn to drive on our 15 passenger van or the manual Honda?" The verdict is out. I suspect the Honda. The older 3 learned on a 15 pass van. I think Jamin learned on a Honda. Jared bought a Jeep and learned to drive it when he came back from Japan. 

It was a blessing to spend a couple of hours chatting with my mentor today via Skype. I'm always encouraged and challenged after our visits. I'm now considering the difference between telling and showing....I know what this looks like in some settings; not so much in others. We're also continuing to contemplate the Kingdom of Heaven and the Beatitudes with Dallas Willard. Good stuff.

It's o.k. to  be 812 lbs if you have cute hair!
Stacia helped me sort more skittles...curse you Pinterest! ::snort::  I am hoping to be done with the sorting by tomorrow.....

Stacia provides much adventure and fun around here. She solemnly informed me she needs to pick up her workout intensity. She's *8*! We've had trouble with body image due to some mean comments from peers and unthinking comments from women. I was concerned and ready to launch into my spiel when she said,

"MOOOOOOM, I weigh 812 lbs!"

"You do not weigh 812 lbs!"

"Yes, I weighed myself on your scale!"

"Stacia, the little dot is a decimal! MATH MATTERS!"

I went into my math spiel instead - which was timely as this family keeps "losing" their math texts. Despite my assurances, she stepped up her workout intensity. ::snort::  I told her to do some work out for me.

Krista shared the letter her school sent the district when they nominated her for "Classified of the Year!" Wow - great affirmation of qualities which  we've long noted grace her life. Evidently, she has followed in her father's footsteps and can walk on water. (For non-military folks....Officer Performance Reports are often  over the top and our family joke has been ...."Yes, and he walks on water too.")

Hmmm....I realize I have nothing awesome to share about the new Mrs. D - though I'm sure she's amazingly awesome. I need to touch base. I do KNOW she won the annual race Michael has with the kids to find the first "current year" penny!

I made a  library discovery last week, "Amma: The Life and Words of Amy Carmichael," by Elizabeth R Skoglund. This is a great book. It was incredibly difficult for me to read about the young girls given to be temple prostitutes, but it's a beneficial read.  This quote captured me this morning, "If I fear to hold another to the highest goal because it is so much easier to avoid doing so, then I know nothing of Calvary love." If - Amy Carmichael. Her section on "awakening the giant" of India through prayer was so, so good.....I think I shall copy it and continue to ponder it in terms of Japan.

One last note - in tonight's family circle we finished the "I Am" sayings of Jesus. Good stuff. We'll focus on Lent and be praying about our next focus. Maybe I John as our family vision for the year is "Love Courageously."  

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Unknown said...

I think Josiah and I switched between the two vehicles. I mostly learned on the Honda though (it was easier to get drive time because bre wouldn't). I would recommend the Honda though because it would be nice if she could help with the driving in July :-)

I'm getting pretty good at the water walking ;-)

Cynthia said...

I LOVE how you continually keep up the blog.... I SO WISH I had done that :(.... I had my reasons for quitting, but in hindsight I wish I would have just started a new one somewhere else and kept it up for our immediately family....

Oh, and I LOVE your chalkboard template!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I'm thinking the Honda too. It's more to think of in the beginning with the clutch and down shifting etc....but it's smaller and much easier to keep in the lines than the van.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cynthia - I do have a shadow blog. If I have something I deem too personal, or names, or people who don't want their faces online etc....and yet I want them printed in our books - I blog there....print and delete. It's been a juggling act - but I keep it up because our family decided it was a priority. Michael LOVED it when he deploys and realized the value it would have in the need to EDIT and print out the ones we have and then keep looking for a format I may like the looks of better. LOL

Anonymous said...

loved you entire "girl posts". What can I say.....other than the girls are all so special etc.

I think learning on the Honda is best because then she will know how to use a stick-shift and be set for life....... anytime a person can drive an automatic. whatever!

God Bless you all and lots of hugs and love. Mom t.