Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We Remember Tohoku on 3.11.2014

March 11.2014.  It's been three years.  How many years before we forget the significance of March 11th - 2:46 p.m.? 

My heart still breaks for the nation of Japan. Over 15,000 people died that day. 1,500 still missing. There are very few words to capture the feelings of this day. 

I remember where I was. 

I remember the helplessness of being in Tokyo and unable to communicate with my family -  which was without power, communication and running short on essentials.

I remember the C 130 which finally got us HOME. Then the evacuation and our choice to stay in Japan.

I remember the weeks of relief work...the recovery and relief missions in the snow.

I remember watching people search through the rubble for loved ones, a piece of home.

I remember the fear and grief we felt.

I remember the relationships! The Japanese neighbors who thanked us for staying. The dear friend who acted as translator while we delivered relief kits. The chapel team which worked tirelessly to prepare home kits. The deep relationships which grew from sharing this moment in history together. We have all since finished our assignments and moved from Japan,  but I'm quite sure we all still remember this day with our hearts in Japan.

I remember the dignity and the resilience shown by the Japanese people. One such example - which I heartily recommend -  is the Nozomi Project. These ladies make jewelry from shards of broken pottery left after the tsunami.

I feel like I should have profound words to share; but my heart is too full.

Japan still needs your prayers. Many are currently facing the requirement to move out of temporary housing - though their towns and everything they owned disappeared in a moment. How do you save enough to move on, while paying for a home which no longer exists? How do you rebuild a lifetime of equity in 3 years? How do you work when your town is gone? And the town up the road? Most of all Japan still needs an awakening to the heart of God. Please join me in praying for this land we love.

If you desire to read more about what that time was like for our family click the "tsunamis and other disasters" link in the side bar. 

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
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Vicky said...

It has been a sombre day here today. I had to avoid the news because everything made me cry and I had to work. My husband was gone for several weeks doing search and rescue, and it made a huge impact on us all, forever. As you well know yourselves.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, very somber. I was emotional for days leading up and knew it was because I just didn't want to think about it....but I need to remember.