Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Observation From Easter Morning

As I read through the  accounts of the crucifixion and the resurrection, one thing consistently showed up
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between the varying accounts.  When the women returned from the empty tomb trying to tell all of the disciples what they had seen, there was much confusion - the men regarded what they had to say as nonsense (Luke 24:11) but not all of the men.  Peter and John took off almost immediately to check this out.  The two of them found the tomb empty.  Peter went in and looked everything over very carefully.  Peter did not understand as of yet what this all meant, but in John 20:8, John saw and believed. 

There were two different groups of disciples that day: the first group was stuck in the paralysis of analysis.  They all stayed behind and hid in their upper room hiding place,  fearful of even their shadows, trying to understand what had happened; the second group was Peter and John - they heard the report of the women and went to check it out.  Merely reasoning it out in their minds would not suffice.  They had to see. 

I wonder how many times we get stuck in the same paralysis of analysis instead of "checking it out."  It was Peter and John that saw the stone rolled away- not the nine that stayed behind.  It was the two that saw rolled up grave linens - not the nine.  It was these two that saw the empty tomb - not the nine.  They had the joy of bringing the news of the risen savior back confirming what the women had said earlier. 

Just wondering...

By Grace
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