Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bidwell Mansion

Today was our last field trip of this school year with our Beale group. We visited Bidwell Mansion in Chico, CA.  There were only two families plus one boy, but it was a great trip. Arielle was thrilled to get more highway time in.  

The day began in panic mode as we realized my camera bag (and wallet) were not at home. I didn't feel I could be the "licensed driver" for Arielle for a long trip without a license. We caught the M family before they left base and they swung by the lab to find Michael and get the keys. My bag was in the back of his car. We met up on a hwy heading out of town. I helpfully stood on the corner so April would see me...but um...it wasn't a great area of town....she pulled up and threw the bag out the window and drove off.  I jumped in our van and drove off. ::snort::  I was happy we always leave lots of margin as we ended up making it on time for our tour. 

The Bidwell mansion was the home of John and Annie Kennedy Bidwell, built in the 1850's. Their story was fascinating and the home is gorgeous. I love the cupola so John could see all of the 26,000 acres he owned from his lair. More info in the last two photos. 

The antiques were amazing.....

150 years old - Annie's piano took 6 months to ship from DC to CA

 John and Annie

Check this out. See the wheels? It converts from a high chair to a stroller! 

Annie was a suffragette

Gramophone in the library

Annie's dressing room - she was 4'8" and John was 6'1"

One of the first homes with indoor plumbing...check out the elephant toilet

Toys in the nursery

An 1850's laptop ::snort:: 

I loved the kitchen....loved it!

Not so crazy about the laundry room. ::snort:: 

Can you read the dinner menu? 

Like Downton Abby. ::grin:: They had handles on the walls in rooms to ring the various bells in the kitchen. 

I love how the counter slopes down to the basin.

A dream stove.

Can you guess what this is? Some guessed stairs for Annie....
 Pies would be put here to cool!!

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Unknown said...

I am so sad I had to miss this! old houses are one of my most favorite things! but I love your pics!!!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I think I'll need to go back. I love these types of tours.