Thursday, April 10, 2014

Busy Week

We have managed to have a full and busy week - even with me in bed from Sunday - Wednesday. 

We have made up all our time off and our back on schedule with our school. This means our pace is much slower this week and we were able to easily get a week done with school - even with me in bed.  I'm proud of the kids.

Michael's had a crazy week at work - and I haven't a clue what's been so crazy - just know he's been late. LOL

I got my new glasses today. I can't see a blasted thing through them. I tried. I took them off when a migraine started and I'll try more tomorrow.

Stacia and I had fun picking out things for children to enjoy at our  Farewell for Johnny and Joretta on Sunday.  We'll have everyone out to our house. I didn't want the kids to be bored at our home - so we rented a bounce house, bought bubbles, and pinata.... I  need to hit Sam's club tomorrow and get some major meat - but we're getting there. I'm thankful everyone is bringing a side dish.

Michael surprised us by walking in early (5:25 p.m.) and so we had dinner before Arielle went to babysit for a local small group.

As we talked about what would feed a crowd, be flexible enough to accommodate a flexing crowd size,  and be able to pull together after church - we landed on a BBQ...but we didn't have a grill.  We hadn't planned on buying one; because we are in the process of paring down....but in the end.... This one was the best deal and is a nice size.

Honestly, it was WARM today. I'm guessing it will be NICE to be able to cook outside this summer, and I will get much better at cooking on the grill.

Maybe our next challenge will be to "Guess the date we hit 90* or 100*."

Choosing Joy!
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