Friday, May 23, 2014

Arielle is 17!

One week and five days - time to break the bloggy silence!  I'll be back dating. 

Arielle turned 17 today!!!!!  This is SO hard to believe...but there you have it...we blinked. It was a blessing for her to be able to spend the day with her sisters. 

We had an appointment in the a.m. - then BreZaak, Krista and all of us met at Cafe Yumm. Arielle's choice! 

How we girls love our Yumm Bowls - the Guys not so much

Bre always remembers great birthday touches! 

We were TRYING to surprise my parents. Krista called them and asked if they would meet her at Sharis for a shake.....They were having MRSA flareups and Mom had bronchitis.....and so we went to Shari's alone. Arielle wanted a peanut butter pie.

We went skating - but my phone died by then. Michael took a few so I'll add those when he gets them to me.  Sherri and Harmony met us at Skate World.  Harmony was spending the weekend with Will and Sherri.  
These two love cousin time (2nd cousins? Harmony is our Niece's daughter)

The big girls joined them for a birthday soak! 
The house Krista rents is in the background. 

We will plan another birthday for Arielle here at home with her favorite dessert and some gifts....we had planned to give her money for Mexico but by the grace of God she began babysitting and has enough saved. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

Thanks for all the updates. Stacia and your niece's daughter would be first cousins once removed. :)