Thursday, May 22, 2014

Far West VBS Site

One week and five days - time to break the bloggy silence!  I'll be back dating. 

Sometime during this week a group of us met over at the "Old Far West Middle School" on base and did a walk through with some base personnel and a man from the school district.  This school has not been used for over 10 years. It looked like they had walked out....and decorations, furniture, records were all still there.... it smelled and was a mess.....but we had a vision.

Our facility is really small. We need more room for VBS....some felt this could not be ready before VBS. Others saw the potential and thought it could be done....if we could get base permission to make it work...the school district was very willing to let us use the building for VBS.  Here are some shots from the first walk through - and THIS week (26th May) we got permission to use the building for VBS.

Front is the office - and behind is a kitchen/gym - Great for Critter Cafe and opening and closing assemblies

Interesting photo albums....these records are all moved now. ::grin:: 

 There are 3 buildings besides the office/gym building.  Each of these buildings has 8 classrooms....

I wish I had taken shots of the mess - and the BIG pieces of furniture we needed to move....but I was fairly well focused on imagining the potential.

I do have a few more photos of this week's work day - but I'm trying to chronoblog! ::snort::

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