Friday, May 02, 2014

Random Observations From a CRAZY Busy Week!

Walmart- Medium is way, way larger than Romy XL. ::snort::

Stacia observed, "VBS! Five days of absolutely no school!" Do you think I should tell her most families don't school all year?

Gherkins love ice cream...and are willing to spend their allowance on it.

Doing school when tired leads to an interesting historical perspective.  I knew I was struggling to stay awake. I read a line, heard a little giggle, and noticed Nolan was in the room and all LAUGHING.  I was reading Rush Revere and the First Patriots to Zander and Stacia.  I read, "...this person in history used the kite to experiment with torture....." and that caught Nolan's attention as he walked by. He stayed and evidently I continued to read, "He's the mystery man in  history that invented the swimming suit, owned a printing press, and created the Franklin nose."

I came to my senses when Stacia commented, "That's amazing he created the Franklin nose."

"WHAT - you're not paying attention....." and then - they laughed, we laughed.  I took a 30 min nap before the next class.

It's the time of year when park meetings must include sunscreen and ice water.

I did not have this snack. 
Stacia headed out with me to shop. I observed, "You always like to come with me. Why do you like to come with me?"

Are you ready?

"Because you are so much fun!"

She melted my heart and we enjoyed what we titled a "Peoplers Day" instead of a Girls Day since Arielle didn't join us.

Finally, tonight, I observed some members of my family are ruthless when playing Monotony.  After four HOURS of being a good sport, my man child bankrupted me  because I was short $4.  They continued to play another hour.....and in the end he won....but I did find sweet irony when he was calling on me to show grace in a mediation on his behalf.....I was merciful and defended him.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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