Monday, June 02, 2014

Down Day

It was all about living life fully - today!  Two hours listening to the Word, in the word - Romans 12:2. I had thought I'd finish Romans by the end of May.  I've decided I don't care when I finish it or if I complete my goal to SOAP (vs read) through the New Testament this year.  I'm good. He's good. 

One hour of working out - boundaries and margins, in several areas, slipping firmly back into place after the last couple frenzied weeks. 

I asked Michael WHEN I'm going to have time to prepare for June's retreat.  He's sooooo good for me. You'll have silence and solitude at conference. He informs me I CAN skip sessions or not as I need. It's becoming the norm for him to whisk me away before retreats. LOL 

Stacia and I explored Wheatland today. We had tried Salle's Orchard and fruit stand before. It comes highly recommended. I thought the lack of variety and quality at our first visit was due to it being the end of the season. Salle's is 9 miles from my home. It's cute.  It still didn't have much. The cherries and strawberries looked bad. They have small baskets of peaches and nectarines for $5 each. I got a whole box - 2 layers for $23 at Tony's. We bought a couple of baskets of peaches, one of nectarines and some apricots. We were discouraged. We had hoped for veggies and melons too - as we'd seen at Tony's.  It WAS a great drive through farm land.....and the hummingbirds were awesome to watch.

On the way home we neared Dairy Road and I remember April saying she thought the stand here was the best around. We detoured. It is also about 9 miles from our home.  AMAZING strawberries - I got half a flat for $10 (much better price and they are EXCELLENT), Cherries for $2 and blueberries for $2.  We were happy with the detour. I will try the drive to Tony's and see how long it takes from home. The variety is MUCH better, the prices are better, the quality of the produce was better and they have a darling outhouse! We will zip over to this little stand (and yes, 10 minutes IS a zip when it takes you 25 - 30 minutes to go ANYWHERE but Walmart) in between trips to Tony's and Farmer's Markets.  I am trying to buy local from May - much fresher.

Back at home, these three helped me with a project to bless our Chapel's staff. 

I think this is our favorite so far. Arielle mentions it was quick and pain free. ::snort:: The kids have already begun brainstorming for July's treat. My prayer is to get these delivered tomorrow before they die. LOL 

We enjoyed a leisurely dinner of yakisoba, salad and fresh fruit. Stacia loved some water time and talked Nolan into joining tub is a bit hot for summer around here...but it was a cool evening. Arielle babysat. We visited. 

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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