Saturday, July 05, 2014

Beach Combing in Northern CA

We simply cannot believe the gorgeous, sunny weather for TWO days in a row! We woke up, had a bite of breakfast and headed for Crescent City. The beach was lovely. Fog  - but no wind - and warm. 

We started by Castle Rock

The only Sea Lion we saw all day

Castle Rock

The big takeaway for the girls and I at this spot - is to keep walking down the beach - eventually THERE WILL BE an easy access which doesn't require scrambling down rocks and through blackberry thorns.  We drove up to another access and explored the beach.

Mark of fun on the beach 

Our family is shrinking
 The tidal pools at this spot were fish, mussels, crabs, fish, coral, anemones and even an eel. Bre and I had a fun moment remembering an earlier trip when the older five were younger....all of a sudden Krista began screaming in the back of the car. Her shell was ALIVE and moving.  

Happy the weather was so nice for Dakota's first visit - though he did go home with a sunburn

At this point Michael drove up to the Battery Point Lighthouse and began walking back to us....we walked forward to Battery Point. We found each turned over rock had at least 30 crabs under it, there ARE tiny pieces of sea glass to be found for those who are patient enough to look, and we discovered the rocks can be slippery.

Our beach combers...

Michael is intrigued by this foundation on top of a rock

Michael caught me checking for messages- phone reception has been sketchy here and since I had four bars I wanted to see if any of the "other Gherkins" had checked in - thinking a lot about those in Mexico. 

Our next stop was the Chart Room. We had hoped to see Sea Lions, but it isn't the right time of the year. They were swamped. I got our name on the list and set down to enjoy the 40 - 50 minute wait. The rest went to explore the beach outside the restaurant.

I noted that those who came in before us were being sat. I checked to see how many more were in front of me. I'd been waiting 25 minutes. Our name was NOT on the list. I pointed this out - very nicely - with a smile - to the young gal working the front. She got mad. She pulled out scraps of paper to show my name was on none of them. I reminded her she had been creating her new chart when I signed in and had said she would put "Mike Party of 8" on the list. She obviously hadn't. I told her she had told me 40 - 50 minutes and I'd waited 25 so I didn't think it right she add our name to the bottom of the list. All this time I really was being polite - southern polite.

She then told me I was lying. That doesn't work well with me. I remained polite, though a bit tense at this point. Having sons who work in the industry, I knew I was wasting my time looking to her for a solution and she was just trying to cover her mistake.  I asked to see a manager and she told me there was none on duty. Um - holiday weekend - lines out the door and NO manager? I got her name and went to find Michael. I figured we'd eat somewhere else as the kids needed to get on the road and I'd call later - when they weren't busy to talk with the manager about having a front gal who makes a mistake, won't admit it and then accuses customers of lying in front of others - while herself lying that there was no manager in the building.

I found Michael and told him they'd not written our name down and it would be another 40 - 50 minutes. Um....he is tall, and can scowl...and brought the power of the unibrow to the discussion.  He also was NOT rude. He asked to talk to the manager. She told him there wasn't one. He responded he was sure there WAS a manager. We were led to the manager. We explained. We didn't want to be seated immediately - we only wanted her to know that the gal up front was not handing the situation in a pleasant way and we shouldn't be told we'd have to start all over and that we were lying. The manager sat us at a table that was ready to go for 9. I felt TERRIBLE that those people then had to wait.....but I noted they also gave the gal a break and I think she really needed one. The manager understood. We told her again we weren't angling for an immediate table.  When they sat us we called the others and told them to get back they arrived winded but in time to order and get on with the day.

After lunch we ran by Mom Mary's so BreZaak could say goodbye. We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting and enjoying the river.  We caught a few of Mom Mary's stories on video.

We ended the night - once again with our shrinking immediate family - at the campsite, reading Patrick McManus around the fire, eating s'mores....even found some WHITE Reeses. We were blessed that BreZaak met us down here - and that Dakota was able to come as well! I think we fit as much family fun as possible into the 24 hours.

I'm doing my best to honor my commitment to LIVE LIFE FULLY PRESENT this summer. We've unplugged. 

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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