Friday, July 04, 2014

Camp Site

I went to work with Michael this a.m. He worked on tying things up for the week. I ran to the lab and radiology and then back home.

The kids and I packed, packed the trailer and then I did a bit of PWOC "stuff," answered a few emails and made a sign up sheet for a Parish Town Hall/BBQ.

I ran back to base, hugged a friend who has been gallivanting in AK and picked Michael up.
Setting up camp at midnight
We hit the road.

We arrived here at 11:45 p.m.  It's now 1:16 a.m.  and we are set up.

Tomorrow Brezaak and Dakota will arrive and we'll go visit Mom Mary.

We still miss Arielle - off getting grown up practice

Hmmm....if we'd remembered to grab the lawn chairs from around the fire pit at home, this would make a nice spot to sit and visit while we grill. ::snort::

It's been a long day!


Deja said...

Enjoy your weekend. I am praying for Arielle as she gets her grownup practice this summer!

Anonymous said...

Figured you'd be seeing the Downing's. They are so cute together.

BEAUTY is what you're going to enjoy. Love that river and those redwoods at Mary's.

Please give her a hug from us.

REST & ENJOY to the fullest.

love/praeyrs - mom t.