Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Do medications really expire?  Common sense and decades of cheapskate frugal-Ramsey living, has proven to us that most expiration dates can safely be stretched. Drugs do not all of a sudden quit working on the stroke of midnight, they don't become dangerous  the day they go "stale." 

I've had a hard time believing how stubborn my fever is being. I don't often get fevers. Because of my thyroid condition my normal temp are 1 - 1.5 degrees lower than "normal average" - regardless of my levothryoxin dosage. This means I can be SURE I'm feverish and I'm not. I sure wish we'd understood this when I was a kid ::snort:: ANYWAY - this week my fevers have been 100.2 which  I imagine is about what 101.6 would feel like to the rest of you. I don't usually take meds, but I wasn't loving this feeling. I've been taking  Tylenol around the clock while bemoaning the fate of my Uncle Bill - determined not to take enough to make me deathly ill..... and it's helped "a bit" - but I still have a fever. 

Oy vey. It may have not lost all potency at the stroke of midnight November 30, 2006....but by the stroke of midnight July 30, 2014 - it's lost some umph! ::snort::  I can't figure out HOW we have this bottle. I threw out or gave away all medicines when we left Japan and this was dated well before that....but there you have it. 

I have a bottle of Aleve (expires 2015) and I took a pill or two.....

So thankful for boys who went in to help with PCOC....and friends who will carry on just fine this a.m.....and a friend who will bring the boys home so they don't have to stay in until 8:00 p.m. Much for which to be thankful! 

Psssttttt.....I found comfort in the solidarity of being sick at the same time as the girls.....connected across the miles. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

This made Izaak and I chuckle. We have discovered we have different paradigms when it comes to expiration dates (I will stretch the dates while he regularly stops me (and don't get me started on Dakota and his egg hang ups ;p)) Lol.
Bre D

Anonymous said...

Ps hope the alieve kicks in and helps: )
Bre D

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

You made me chuckle, Bre. You DID inherit some quirks for me - makes me proud they aren't all from your father! LOL

Anonymous said...

WHEW! Tylenol! No bottle of that in our house or any other thing just using a different name for the same stuff in it's makeup. UNCLE BILL' always is in my mind.

You must have learned to stretch expiration dates from me.....and grandma S. Actually I asked a medical PA I think that is Phyli=sician assistant the other day about this......... she said it can be stretched a few months. I laughed and shared with her how we had to so often stretch dates on things when on the mission field in the remote places we lived. :):):):):) Poor Dakota if he every was in a foreign country and ordering eggs. The hardest thing for me was allowing my eggs to remain stored outside a refrigerator. They say as long a an egg has never been in a refrigerator it is safe.......... I still like the frige for storing eggs.

Glad you are feeling better but just don't get to tired now. love/prayers - mom t.