Friday, July 25, 2014

Thoughts of This and That

Another very full week.  My volunteer log shows 25 - 30 hours a week - which explains why I KNOW I'm busy, but don't have a whole lot to say. LOL  This week has had school, staff meetings, retreat team meetings, one on one meetings with gals, Bible studies, skypes...a good week. 

Arielle was ill in Mexico but is on the mend. 

Myself and Margaret
One of the certain highlights of the week was the trip Stacia and I made to Sacramento.  There is a very special group of ladies - a former PWOC group - which meets up there. McClellan Air Force Base chapel closed in  December 2000.  This group of continued to meet weekly for Bible study in the BX conference room at McClellan. A commissary, BX, VA Clinic and a museum are still open.  Can you imagine? The base closed 14 years ago and this group of PWOC women continue to meet! Some of them have been together for 21 years. Margaret, one of the gals, attends Beale AFB Chapel. She and her husband, Ron, drive up here each week and have since 2000.  A meaningful side note, is their son recently died and was buried in the same national cemetery as Dad G. They took photos of Dad G's grave for us.  THIS Margaret invited me to come to lunch with their PWOC group. I found my way up and had a great time listening to the chatter of long-term friendship.  

Roberta, their last PWOC leader, had some fun tips for me. She asked how many women we have at our group and I responded and added, "But we run 50 - 60 kids too." She responded, "We don't have to worry about children's ministry any longer." ::snort::  At one point Margaret  pulled out the bulletin from the last volunteer appreciation dinner at McClellan.  It was fun to see one of our friends, Brian Mc., was the chaplain that "turned out the lights at McClellan."

Today, I ran Stacia to a local VBS. There is something to be said for the church in the middle of a neighborhood being a light to that neighborhood. Our area is depressed. It's easy to forget as we live in a nice subdivision....but are surrounded by quite a bit of poverty. A local church can a difference in a community.  I applaud those who labor in their neighborhoods.

We picked up PWOC t-shirts today!  Found a wonderful new pizza place - run by Christians....Straw Hat Pizza. Well - the girls loved it - the boys still like Papa Murphy's meat glutton supreme. ::snort:: 

And now the Avengers are playing on the big screen. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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