Sunday, August 03, 2014

August is FINALLY here!

Yes, this is August. The month this girl has been counting down since January! August is THE best month of the year. It is Stacia's birthday month.  She will "finally" be nine years old in "12 days and a wake up!"

For weeks she kept track of the days for us.....43 days and a wake up....I. AM. NOT exaggerating. 

She had hoped for a tea party again this year, but her friends are going to be on vacation or unavailable..... We don't often do friend's birthday parties are usually enough. Stacia isn't sure there is enough family to count these days. 

She has told us over and over, "First Jared missed my birthday, now Arielle is missing my birthday." Krista and Arielle are scheduled to be back 23 August...but shhh....only because I KNOW she does NOT read the blog....They plan on walking in on her birthday to surprise her! It will be priceless! We need to set up a video as well as still and be ready. LOL

She has asked for a flute, a sewing machine and either a smart phone or ipad/kindle. Um...Yeah....about that....these parents have a birthday budget and I suspect none of THOSE options are going to be in the budget.  But I can guarantee she is going to be on ecstatic gal on 16 August.

Now....shhhhhh......keep the secret!

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeee! So exciting!
Bre D

Anonymous said...

we'll be there in heart if not body. Will hopefully remember to call her that day. love/prayers - mom T