Friday, August 08, 2014


Today is Josiah and Shelby's one year anniversary. This year has gone fast. We're proud to be parents/parents in law of Josiah and Shelby. Happy Anniversary Kids.

We started the day by moving much of the stuff from our couch - retreat stuff- to the newly emptied closet at Foothills. We'll have our Fall Rally at Foothills and two studies before we move over to the new campus. It is NICE to have most of our couch available again. 

However.....lunch is when the day got GREAT. Dear friends are to be treasured. We met these dear friends in Misawa.  Ah - we've missed them. It was fantastic to hear they were "driving through" and stopped by for lunch.  Marvie is from the Philippines. It's always fun to reminisce. She's just been back. I still dream of gong back with her. It's been 32 years since I've been to the Philippines. 
Me and Marvie

Alex, Ashley and Jim 

Jim and Michael
Alex G has grown much in a year
Our Two Alex's

Stacia, Marvie and Ashley 

Stacia and Ashely

I had shared with Marvie....the girls were coming home today! We didn't want the kids to know, but due to their health we asked them to cut their mission trip short and come home.  Marvie was disappointed they would miss Arielle. The R's were running behind, the girls made good time and walked in while we ate! 

We TOTALLY surprised our kids - the girls WILL be here for Stacia's birthday - and the R's got to see Arielle. Win, Win and Win. 

Stacia in front; Middle - Krista, Arielle, Me, Marvie, Ashley; Back Michael, Jim, Alex, Alex, Nolan

My love tank is full! Dear friends and two daughters home! The girls are thin. They've not thrown up since leaving Mexico, but still are having some gastrointestinal issues. I think our plan is to feed them bland food, fruit and clean water and see what happens over the weekend.  We'll talk with medical friends at chapel and see if we should have them checked out regardless of symptoms.  THIS is why I worked so many hours this week. Now I have a few crafty things to do for the retreat - which the girls will love to help. Michael is taking leave the 18th and we'll go play. This upcoming week is a bonus week - but it's mostly for the girls to get well. 

Arielle really, really missed fresh produce  - Michael stopped at a stand on the way home and we have many melons to eat. 

And there was one more hello - Yuuki ran in and focused on Krista but when she saw Arielle.....the video won't load but here are a couple of photos. 

The Gherkin moving company - tremendous helpers! 

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

They do look thin, but otherwise Arielle looked a lot better than I'd imagined. Glad the vomiting has abated!

Anonymous said...

Bre D

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I agree, Linda. She doesn't wear fitted clothes so it's hard to see how much she's lost...she's been sleeping best thing for her.

Deja said...

Glad they made it home and have a week to rest and reset their bodies.

wacocampbells said...

So glad they are home! And the picture of Mike with the girls is SO GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

AH, LOVE IT ALL! Seeing your Filipina friend makes me so homesick for the Philippines.

PTL our G-daughters are back home with you all. Praying they get all back to normal with their bodies and health.

WOW! os what Dad said about that watermelon. ENJOY!

Our hearts are full just seeing you all back together with the two missionary girls.