Saturday, August 02, 2014

Nevada City

I was determined to be functioning  today!  The flu would not take away the luxury of another Saturday unfilled with Sunday Prep.

United Methodist Church 
Last Saturday Michael wanted to hike in the mountains. I have been wanting to get out and explore. He asked the kids if they would like to go hiking or bowling. NEVER in a million years did he think they would choose bowling. They haven't caught the outdoor hiking bug as our older crew did. It is  also blazing hot in this part of California.

Michael planned for us to go hiking today. We weren't giving the kids a choice THIS week.  Then we remembered, I've been in bed all week. Maybe a long hike in screaming heat wasn't the best plan.  We settled on driving to Nevada City - a spot we've wanted to check out - instead.  We asked the kids if they were coming or staying. We'd have been perfectly happy for it to be a date day. They wanted to come.

We told ourselves it was "less hot" in Nevada City - but I'm not 100% sure that is true.  We enjoyed strolling down the Historic District.  The buildings are beautiful.


We would have looked if he'd called our names - but this is the only one of
Nolan and I. 
There were MANY Buddha Shops - which surprised me.  Grass Valley had more artsy fartsy things to buy - like the really cool sand art/frame I still think about.  However, we DID manage to buy two things..... In an antique shop run by a WW2 vet (a very old gentleman who I enjoyed talking with while the others tromped around).....
No, I don't collect Depression Glass - yet. I did sort of say I wasn't starting a new collection - these were just pretty. I had it in  mind that I needed to be on the lookout for a sugar and creamer. These turn out to be vintage Jeannette Glass - Cherry Blossom Pattern and from what a quick Google search shows I got a great deal.  They were out with the other fancy dishes. They were on a shelf marked "Private" - down a hallway. I told the gentleman I loved them and he said, "They're for sale."  I hoped I was getting a good deal but figured I wanted some Depression Glass and these will remind me of our conversation AND our family day in Nevada City. 

I remembered later,  I was on the lookout for a creamer for the CHAPEL - I believe I'll keep looking and keep this. 

It was a hot day. We spent a couple of hours walking up and down streets......we ended our trip with a visit to the Ice Cream Parlor....even though today is NOT Sunday.

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

LOVE the old church and the depression glass. Glad you felt well enough to go. I somehow missed that you had the flu until reading something yesterday!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I think I'll go back when it's COOLER - maybe Oct or Nov - and get pictures of some of the really fantastic architecture.