Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dentist, Michael's Mystery Pain and Science!

Joyful Thoughts
1. Texts from adult Gherkins are so much fun - and yeah, I even enjoy the texts from our 9 yo.
2. Sprouts has yummy produce.
3. Closer to an answer to Michael's mystery pain.
4. Fun school experiment today.

Sprouts? Yes, Arielle had to go to the big city again today to see the dentist. They celebrated as this is her last filling. We stopped by Sprouts before coming home.

Michael's Mystery pain. For three years doctor after doctor has guessed. It could be constipation, you may have pulled a muscle, it could be a host of gastro things, it's all in your head,  and the list went on.  The "take anti-depressants it's in your mind" RX from the specialist in Yuba City was irritating!  And the pain increased. 

Michael finally saw a GREAT retired military doc on base. I saw him and knew if  Michael saw him he'd look at the records and figure out what needed to be done.  He sent him immediately for an x-ray. Three years of pain, and they'd never done a simple x-ray. Turns out Michael has arthritis setting in which explains part of the pain.

Michael has been telling them he felt a mass inside of his hip bone on the right side.  They kept telling him he was making things up. Michael didn't TELL this doc about the mass; the doc checked and said, "I think I feel a mass," and ordered an MRI.  The MRI shows a mass.  {Yes, I am a tad bit smug and would love to send the records to one specific doctor in Misawa and one in Yuba City, as well}. The report mentioned the mass could be four things. In laymen's terms - two are cancerous and two are not.  For those who geek out on medical terminology - mesenteric lymphadenopathy (infection of the lymph glands), mesenteric fibromatosis (benign fibroids), lymphoma  or gastrointestinal stromal tumor (often cancerous?). At this point all his records are being requested from various facilities, and he and they will visit a surgeon. He is back on profile for all but his "waist circumference."  This means he can't work out, and he better not gain weight. ::snort::  Our thoughts?  Given his symptoms, I would be surprised if it's an infection.   Given the pain is getting worse, but he's had the pain for 3 years and is still with us, I would rule out cancer which I think is usually faster growing.  I'm leaning towards fibromatosis - but I'm a certified laymen. We won't know until he visits the surgeon.  We're thrilled to be getting closer to an answer and possibly less pain.

God is God and God is good - all.the.time.

In other news - school is fantastic when you have time to sit around and do the "fun things," rather than rush around town.  LOL Here are some photos from today's science adventure.

We explored density.
Yes, he IS in his pajamas. Who cares?

It worked!!!!!  Salt water is more dense! The egg floats....

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

SO GLAD we're getting closer to answers!
Bre D

Anonymous said...

VERY, VERY good that this doctor was able to give something much more concrete.

Pajamas? That was the school uniform here. Still is for Trevor!


Linda said...

Praise God for coming closer to an answer for Michael!

Anonymous said...

PTL! and PTL again and again. Love those older doctors who know how to figure things out and fast at that. PTL

Dad/I feel the same thing about past doctors and about the cancer reasoning.

The big "arthritis" thing... Mike isn't this what your mom suffers from etc.

BUT read all about the healing that happened to me just setting in yesterday morning special services at Calvary here in Springfield since Sunday. Both my knees were healed.... without me knowing it happened. This was not a healing deal at all BUT PTL it happened to me.

MIKE, "arthritis" is what had brought me to the place of scheduling total knee replacement for both knees. ONLY TOUBLE TODAY IS MY THIGHS ACHE DUE TO ALL THE SQUATING and KICKING UP MY HEELS SO TO SPEAK. HA!

MIKE, I will be believing for a finished diagnosis for you AND we will believe for a miracle for you also

How exciting to be serving the Lord.

love/prayers from both of us.

Laura said...

Thankful for movement forward toward a diagnosis and treatment for Michael's pain. What a long journey this has been...