Thursday, September 18, 2014

Migraine Induced Insanity

Joyful Thoughts

1. It's always fun when you get to meet an online friend in real life.
2. Day 2 of migraine and I did NOT kill anyone driving around Roseville.
3. Michael has tomorrow off.

Whew - I don't know how we ended up with so many mornings out of the house this week!

It is very hard to homeschool if you are not at HOME. ::snort::

Arielle had a dentist appointment at 0930. Stacia and I went with her - all of us out of the house at 0830....and me on Day 2 of a migraine.  Stacia and I got table school done in the kids waiting area of the dental office.

Can kinda tell I've been hitting the comfort food lately - stopping that now.
Arielle came out and sounded CRAZY....I don't know that I've ever seen anyone have so much trouble talking after dental work. The hilarity continued when we arrived at Sprouts and she went off to ask directions to the rest rooms. LOL

Hope is a PWOC Titus 2 at FT POLK - we've met online on a FB position group that I help to administer....her son is pcsing (moving) to Beale and so we got to meet in real life. Anyone else need to come visit a son or daughter at Beale????  Hope came to chapel and PWOC.

We were so happy to see this spot that Stacia and went exploring while Arielle waited for her dental adventure. I really have a hankering for tempura veggies...

We simply can't drive to Roseville without visiting a healthy we tried Sprouts. I liked it - but it didn't have several items I usually buy.   It IS much closer to the dentist than Trader Joes.

Just take a look at all the options for non-dairy "ice cream" at Sprouts....

Arielle really wanted to go to Chick Fil A for a off we went....and I was driving very carefully because you know - I had a migraine and was in the big city. Um....look at that parking job. ::snort:: AND see that little, tiny yellow post thingy behind the van? It's NO MATCH for the bumper of my Ford. I love my FORD. Chips out of the concrete but just a one inch scratch on my bumper. LOL

Stacia made me smile at CFA. She ordered "grilled nuggets with a fruit cup and lemonade please." Arielle commented she thought Stacia was the first to have chosen fruit over fries.....look what bringing them up on real food can accomplish. I had a wonderful Asian salad - sans chicken.

And this life lesson which I posted on FB earlier today....Public Service Announcement for all door to door solicitors! If a woman on Day 2 of a Migraine tells you she does NOT want solar panels et al - TRUST her. Don't keep pushing....and maybe Mr. Jr. Solicitor you should try a better line than, "This isn't really about supporting the troops, it's about me going to the Bahamas. Don't you want to support me?" you SEE the military tags on my vehicle - if you ever stood a chance of any of my $ sending you to play in the Bahamas it's gone now....when it doubt refer to point #1 - If a woman on Day 2 of a migraine....

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Renee said...

Don't you rent your house? So of course you dont want solar panesl - you are not authorized. I have been known to close my door and walk away from solicitors that are pesty

Laura said...

So sorry about the migraine struggle. Hope you are feeling better now. Although, I did have to laugh at your last paragraph! :) There oughta be a sign or something... :)